Innovation Environmental Park - saving the environment while creating jobs...a concept we can all live with!


Research within IEP will be on the cutting edge of green technology. The focus will be to develop additional processes for the re-manufacture and re-use of non-hazardous solid waste. We want to expand uses such as converting Styrofoam into trim molding for residential and commercial uses or converting glass into tiles and countertops. The more recycled products which are created, the more financially beneficial it will become for others to pursue more recycling initiatives.

In addition to recycling uses, we will study methods to accelerate waste decomposition and bio-fuels produced in the waste process. IEP has been designed to use bio-fuels within its operation for the re-manufacturing processes.

Our research and development program will have paid and volunteer positions. We will have intern programs and educational seminars for other field rated professionals.

If you would like to volunteer or work on staff within our Research and Development, please go to: Jobs for more information.