Innovation Environmental Park - a new concept in the way our county handles the garbage we throw away every day!


Innovation Environmental Park - creating jobs and saving the environment. This is our clearly stated vision and goal. IEP will be a state of the art recycling facility, handling non-hazardous solid waste in the way it was meant to be by recycling, reusing, and re-manufacturing materials Polk County citizens generate.


Polk County residents and businesses generate about 1,185,060 tons of solid waste per year. This figure includes, but is not limited to residential garbage, trash, bulky waste, wood waste, construction and demolition debris and yard trimming. According to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection records, Polk County recycles approximately 20%. The long-term goal of Innovation Environmental Park (IEP) is to increase this figure to a minimum of 75 percent.

Innovation will be located 4 miles south of Mulberry, Florida. The park will be built on 1,700 acres of reclaimed phosphate land and will be designed to re-manufacture, re-process and re-use the non-hazardous waste we throw away every day.
Recycling, Re-manufacturing and Re-use provide an opportunity to turn our waste into products that can be shipped around the world while preserving our natural resources.
IEP was created not only to save the environment but to create over 350 jobs that would not exist otherwise. In addition, the development of IEP will provide over $35 million in construction jobs.


Green centers are processing facilities in which recyclable materials are transformed into viable products sold worldwide.