Innovation Environmental Park - saving the environment while creating jobs...a concept we can all live with!

IEP Green Team is a not-for-profit organization which is politically active at both the local and state level to support more proactive legislation for green technologies in all areas, but with a focus on non-hazardous solid waste and a push to mandate a 75% recycling rate in Florida.

Your membership is free, but your commitment to recycling, reprocessing and the reconstruction of materials is priceless to our environment. As a member, we will send letters of support for IEP and other recycling programs from our members to local and state officials. All letters sent will be posted on our website before they are sent.

Within IEP we will have educational and research teaching opportunities for members who wish to volunteer their services. These opportunities will extend our reach to both middle and high school students. We also plan to offer college level classes to study leachate, bio-fuels and new products which can be manufactured within IEP to increase our level of recycling beyond 75%.

IEP Green Team will keep you informed of news and governmental alerts about potential legislation, both pro and con towards green technologies and recycling.
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The IEP Green Team is a 501(C)(4) not-for-profit.