Innovation Environmental Park - a new concept in the way our county handles the garbage we throw away every day!


Innovation Environmental Park was founded by Tom Mims. Upon graduating from Lakeland High School, Tom received an Associate of Arts degree in Business Administration from Polk Community College and graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting. He received his Master of Business Administration with a concentration in accounting from Florida Southern College.

After graduating from the University of Florida, Tom began working for a Polk County public accounting firm. Quickly becoming eager to pursue a work more creative and active than accounting, Tom left the accounting firm and formed T. Mims Corp. and The Mims Group, LLC. Both companies have been and continue to be active in real estate development and management and community service.

Tom was elected to the Florida House of Representatives in 1988 and served two terms. He was an early supporter of environmental concerns and showed his commitment as a prime sponsor of Preservation 2000 and the Clean Outdoor Air Act while serving in the Florida House. Although Tom is still active in politics, both locally and nationally, his main interest is the management of his various companies. Tom’s environmental commitment has extended from his early service in the Florida House to the management of his companies. Through his own entities, Tom has been directly involved in the planting of over 700,000 trees in Polk County.

The success of T. Mims Corp., The Mims Group, LLC and other companies formed over the years has required hard work from a variety of dedicated people. Innovation Environmental Park's vision and goals involve environmental protection and job creation. Innovation’s founder believes this is a concept we all can live with, but more importantly we must hold it as an essential part of preserving our natural resources. Therefore, Innovation is designed to be a state of the art "resource recovery" facility.

A large part of Innovation is the educational component. High school and university students will have the ability to intern at the site and participate in ongoing research on leachate and biological factors which will play vital roles in the advancement of recycling and disposal technology. Our scientists will be available for discussion groups and lectures regarding various aspects of the park. Students will be able to interview engineers, hydrologists, geologists, and plenty of other professionals in their own quest for professional development. Younger students will have the opportunity to see hands-on, practical application of the importance of recycling. They will have the chance to tour the re-construction facilities and see first-hand why it is important to care for our environment. At the composting area, along with the nursery “Get Growing” facility, students will be encouraged to take their own family waste disposal in a new direction. Additionally, gardening and composting classes will be offered as field trip opportunities.

Located 4 miles south of Mulberry, Florida, Innovation Environmental Park will be uniquely situated on 1,700 acres of reclaimed phosphate land. The site is isolated on all sides by phosphate mining facilities operated by Mosaic and adjacent properties held by companies owned by the founder of Innovation. Innovation lies in the heart of phosphate mined land. Directly to the west of the Innovation site is Mosaic’s gypsum stack and the largest phosphate chemical plant in the world. In addition to its isolated location, the Innovation site meets all initial benchmarks for biology, hydrology, and geology.
Our "green" environmental park has the vision and technology to handle materials which will be re-manufactured and re-constructed into products that will be shipped around the world. This unique approach to a growing world problem will lead to job creation.
Under Innovation's "One Touch" Approach to handling non-hazardous solid waste, the founder of Innovation believes the only way companies and municipalities will ever reach high levels of recycling will be to have the re-processing and re-manufacturing facilities co-located onsite. This approach eliminates the handling of the recycled material multiple times which reduces the efficient handling of any raw material in a manufacturing process. Innovation will recycle 75% or more of the solid waste it receives while safely discarding the excess onsite.
Innovation Environmental Park will be a $35 million "resource recovery" park, which will initially create a large number of construction jobs and 350 permanent jobs. These jobs will range from office personnel, management supervisors, biologists, and teachers to heavy equipment operators, processors, and skilled machine operators (click here to link to the job/volunteer connection.)

Founder: Tom Mims
Engineer: Mike Cotter, P.E.
Engineer: David Carter, P.E., David C. Carter Consulting Engineers, LLC
Project Consultant: Ana Wood
Biologist: Fred Crabill, Southeast Environmental Solutions
Geologist: Mike Gurr, Gurr Professional Services, Inc.
Land Planner: Augustine Fragala, Powell, Fragala & Associates, Inc.,
Consulting Attorney: Robert Stanz, P.A.
Project Coordinator: Tracy Garcia, David C. Carter Consulting Engineers, LLC
Transportation: Sans Lassiter, Lassiter Transportation Group, Inc.
Media: Patrick Schwarz, October Studios

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Innovation Environmental Park, creating jobs while saving the environment…a concept we can all live with!

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